Saturday, 28 June 2014

Kitsuke June 2014 Part 2 - Watching Transformers 4 + Hard Makura = Insufferable Back Pain

Firstly, I forgot to pack up my makeup, so all my pictures in this post has washed up face =)). Secondly, as the titled implied, I watched Transformers 4: Age of Extinction with running time 165 minutes which caused a really aching back pain since I wore a hard makura ToT. Lesson taken, I should get a soft makura for my taiko in long running movies. Thirdly, I had a habit of taking kitsuke pictures after I had the whole event for the day, so we should expected a disheveled ensemble and dim pictures due to inadequate lighting (:hammer:). Plus I was already sleepy actually.

Kimono; white cotton kimono with colourful flowers and bees motif
Obi; hiraki nagoya obi with abstract motif (I think it has leaves and geometric pattern)
Juban with red haneri with white polkadot
Obiage; red shawl
Obijime; white with black border (woven)
Socks; white tabi
Footwear; I forgot but I think it was my black maryjane shoes

I wasn't too sure about the weather, but I think it was raining. Make sure you take care of your health, Minna-san~


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